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SOS Sarasota Meeting is a relatively new S.O.S meeting.

s.o.s. Sarasota Meeting is at the office of Roland L, a Sarasota professional who has been clean & sober since July, 1989. 

PhilipcGC has been clean and sober since January, 1982.

We follow S.O.S. guidelines for those of us who value self empowerment, need the support of others like ourselves and are either secular in our philosophy or may have religious commitments of any persuasion. 

We learn from each other.  

s.o.s. Sarasota Meeting  is dedicated to sharing techniques and information.  

We learn from responsible literature and from S.O.S. publications.

We learn how to maintain our sobriety, defeat nicotine, caffeine, or any addiction which we find is constraining, unhealthy and harming our daily life. 

We help each other. 

Our meetings, we hope, are appropriate to the 21st century, but we do not disparage the organizations like A.A. who do an outstanding job utilizing the more traditional 12 step approach.

Our Group is part of the ever growing roster of S.O.S. meetings here and internationally.

We are (Save Our Selves) 

The Secular Organization for Sobriety

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Last modified: 01/06/05